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A little boys bedroom

A little boys bedroom

Creating both my children’s bedrooms was one of the most exciting parts about moving into the cottage. I have been buying bits and pieces for Arthur’s bedroom for quite a while now (around 3 years!) Basically since he was born and we sold our first home. With no idea what his bedroom would even be like, but knowing how I wanted it to feel, I’ve managed to pretty much find everything I’ve bought a home in his new room.

There’s something very magical about a child’s bedroom, and I think they deserve to be a special place for your little one to go and feel safe, escape, use their imagination and play to their hearts content. Somewhere where mum and dad won’t keep saying ‘no’ and ‘don’t do that!’ I seem to say that a lot. I also wanted to create a space that Arthur would have all of his favourite things in one place!

This bedroom was created in collaboration with ReRoom and Mamas & Papas.


I didn’t tie myself to any particular theme, it’s just a collection of all the things he loves. This includes animals, dinosaurs, fire engines, buses and trains, books, oh and now Lego and Playmobil thanks to his older cousins!

We’ve painted the whole house white for now, until we can decide on colours. So his room was a blank canvas.

I chose his bed based upon the fact it would last him (potentially) into his teenage years. I had seen lots of really fun themed beds, tree house beds etc but I knew he’d just grow out of them, they also take up a lot of space. I also wanted to go for a bit more of a traditional look. So this cast iron White Company single bed in black was perfect. I wish they did it in a super king size to be honest as I’d consider it for our bedroom!

The chest of drawers are the Hemnes range from Ikea, and I knew I wanted these as I really like the style of them and the fact they were tall and narrow (good for space saving). They weren’t expensive so I won’t stress if they get damaged from dinosaur wars.

The shelves were from the Great Little Trading Company. Perfect for Arthur’s enormous book collection! He absolutely loves a story at bedtime, we always stick to two books maximum (or we’d be reading all night if it was up to Arthur!) some of his books are already getting longer though! He chooses the books he wants, and these shelves are a great way of displaying his books so that he can see them. I also like that you don’t just have to put books on them, there’s room to put his cuddly toys in there, and anything else he wants to look at whilst he’s in bed.

The picture shelves, are from Amazon (look closely and you can see we need to paint around them!) The plaster was new so it crumbled quite a bit when Luke drilled holes for the shelves, and then he started changing his mind on the size of the gap between the shelves so we were left with a few holes in the wall that he had to fill!

The shelves were more of an aesthetic thing, practically I wouldn’t say they are the answer to all your storage problems, but they’re a great focal point and way to show your child’s personality. So I’ve used them for his over flowing book collection, dinosaurs, any pictures I think look nice, and any quirky ornaments he has. I framed this London Bus print which was actually a 3rd birthday card from my sister. She lives in London and I often make up tales to Arthur about his Aunty Sophie & Uncle Jason, and Little Lily who live in London with the Queen and travel around on big red London buses! (Obviously they do other things than just travel round on London buses), but Arthur seems to enjoy my imaginary tales and adventures that Aunty Sophie has in London!

These Lego storage boxes, from Amazon are amazing. They don’t just look nice, they’re a great way to keep Lego, building blocks or playmobil sets all together in one place/ brick. I’ve actually just ordered some more as Arthur’s had lots of Playmobil for his birthday, so I ordered one that has two separate drawer compartments and a smaller square block. They come in every colour imaginable, but I’ve just gone for the grey and white ones (just because).

This cute little rocking chair isn’t an old family heirloom that we’ve upcycled, it’s just from Ikea. But I love it! I reckon I could easily pretend it was 30 years old… apart from the new paint job! I bought the cushions from Etsy, originally bought to go in his tepee he had for his 2nd Birthday but that’s stored away somewhere! But they look perfect on this chair. Somewhere for Arthur to sit and read his books! When I chose this pouffe online, I’ll be honest I had no idea it’d be this small… but, I really rather like it for Arthur’s bedroom. He sits on it in his little reading corner, uses it as a step up to climb into bed and I’m sure he’ll get lots of use out of it for play.

This little stool, gifted from Mamas and Papas, at the moment works really well as a little bedside table. It’s pretty neutral and the perfect height for Arthur to reach his drink when he’s in bed, his torch and some of his little toys he likes to keep on there.

So… that’s Arthur’s big boy bedroom, and I think he’s pretty pleased with his new room!

I’m looking forward to making lots of happy memories with him in this room!

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