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Our story

social media consultant Hi, my name’s SARAH and in September 2016 my husband and I bought our first family home, Our Pink Project, where we plan to live with our two children. I wanted to share our journey, making our house a home, alongside life with our two young children.

The cottage is a big project, and not something I personally have ever undertaken before, and we plan to do most of it ourselves. I think we might be mad, but I’m hoping it will be worth it at the end with a home we made our own, on our own for our family to enjoy.

We have a young family, and at the time of buying the cottage we just had our eldest son, but we now have another baby boy. It’s made things a bit tricky at times, and there’s been lots to juggle alongside family life and a house renovation, but lots of people have told me, if we are still married after this, then we can pretty much survive anything! I’d agree with that.

I’m really looking forward to us all enjoying our new life in the cottage together, making lots of memories and having a bit of space without tractors running over my toes and being able to get into bed at night without having to move a load of baby paraphernalia. I can honestly say the caravan part of our journey has been a real challenge. It was a bit of a novelty at first, and I spent a lot of the time surprising myself how okay I was with it, with the worlds smallest knicker draw and a cooker that needs lighting with a match.

We only planned to live in the caravan for a couple of months, but we are still living in the caravan over 12 months later. It has no central heating. We didn’t choose a fancy modern one, as we thought we wouldn’t be in it for long. All I can say is, thank god for blow heaters and insulation (which surrounds the caravan, held up with bits of wood and wheel barrows).


How it all started

We purchased the cottage after selling our modern 2 bed town house. We sold in November 2015, and struggled to find anything we both agreed on, so we moved in to my parents till we found something and unfortunately not as quickly as it seems, we bought Our Pink Project.

We lived with my parents for about 7 months, but after nearly divorcing them and a daily lesson from my dad in how to fill a dishwasher, we decided to rent whilst we renovated our new home. But, the house we were renting sold, so we decided to live on site in a static caravan.

Why do you call it the Pink Project? 

Simple. Our new home was pink and it was a project.

How long did you live in the static caravan? 

We thought living on site would make the renovation and family life with a one year old easier and we only planned to live in the caravan for a few months. But after unearthing a few things in the property we weren’t originally aware of, things took a lot longer than we planned. I fell pregnant again, and welcomed another baby boy into our family at the end of 2017, whilst still living in the caravan.

What type of property is the project? 

Our Pink Project is an old eighteenth century two bedroom cottage, which just happens to be pink. Funnily enough we never set out to buy a pink house, but before we can even worry about the colour it needs a lot of work (and extra bedrooms!)

Have you got experience renovating properties? 

I don’t have any experience renovating or restoring old properties, but my husband is a plumber by trade and completes property renovations as part of his day job, so we plan to do most of it ourselves. But I am well aware it’s a bit different when its your own, not to mention your own budget! So I know things might take a bit longer.

When did you start your project? 

Our project started in Autumn 2016, and it will be an ongoing project that will involve a full house renovation, build, finding the perfect home interiors and interior design. If you would like your product or brand to feature on my blog or Instagram page please get in touch.

Learning as we go along, I plan to share our story, family life, advice, ideas and inspiration on a home restoration, decorating a property and interior design.

Follow our journey as we make our new house, our home, sharing our stories and experiences along the way.

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