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Are you in the house yet?

Are you in the house yet?

Oh the million dollar question.

They say what goes up must come down, well what goes in a caravan must come out. God I totally made that up. Sorry. All I can say is at least I still have a sense of humour, shame that wasn’t funny though. I’m writing this very late at night! Anyway, what I’m getting at is that we ‘really are’ now starting to get ready to move out the caravan and into the house. True story.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still quite a bit to do. We don’t have a cooker yet, the boiler isn’t actually on as it needs to be wired to the electrics… but hey, it’ll all get done in a week or so I’m sure. So alongside beginning to attempt a declutter in the caravan and think about putting some of the right boxes in the boys bedrooms upstairs. I am also starting to think about what each room in the house will look like. A lot of it is dreaming, with no budget at all in mind, but it’s good to have goals.

Styling and the interiors has been a long time coming. The room design, the position of a cupboard, adding a rug or lamp, all things I’ve been itching to do since we bought the house! Luke’s done the digging, plumbing and all the other stuff. Now it’s my turn. This is the best bit too.

It’s hard to shop for things though when you’re not living in the house. I think you can get a feel for a room a bit better then too. Sometimes I find myself dreaming up a room in my head, furnishing it, then I go and look at the room, and realise I imagined it to be five times bigger than it actually is. Does anyone else do this?

Well I sort of did this with A’s bedroom. I just bought him a gorgeous new big boys bed from the White Company, it’s the Stamford Single bed. The bed looks great, Luke built it today, I’ll share a pic on my Instagram stories so you can see it the room, but I imagined his bedroom to be so much bigger than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hardly small, but where I imagined placing the bed, is not where we’ll be putting the bed. So perhaps I need to invest in a tape measure and start measuring up before I go buying anything else. A top tip there folks!

Meanwhile, I’ll continue furnishing the house in my head. This is the part I have been waiting for, for so long. So, starting with our bedroom, these are a few of the things I have on my wish list.

The Bed. We’ve currently got a double (that’s just about all that would fit in the caravan), but we want a bigger bed. I’ve spent many a night feeding W browsing at beds and looking at Instagram for inspiration. I love the minimal four poster beds, like the Beaumont bed from The White Company. You may have seen it on The frugality’s blog as she has this very bed and it works really well in her home. But, we have pretty low ceilings as it’s a cottage so I’m not sure whether this would work.

Then there’s the french style bed. I absolutely love this style of bed. They won’t ever date, and I think they work in a contemporary or period home. I absolutely love the styles that Feather and Black have at the moment, well worth a google. Plus they have some great discounts on right now. My favourite is the Sienna Grey bed from Feather and Black. I just think it’s a really timeless style, but torn between this type of bed and a much simpler, traditional cast iron bed style that we currently have.

If we opt for a simple, traditional cast iron bed, my favourites are the Julia style and Paris from The Original Bed Co. I am confident these styles will last forever, and I imagine at one point one of the boys could have it when they’re older. We have a cream bed at the moment from Laura Ashley, but this time I think I’d go for black.



And lastly the most important part of any bed, is the bedding! And I wouldn’t choose anywhere else other than the White Company. Although I can’t say I’ve tried any other brands! The White Company washes so well, most of it never needs ironing either (which is an absolute bonus) and it looks like new wash after wash. I also have their bedding for A’s bed. I love their London bus range.

Their throws and cushions are also another of my faves. Great quality and really dresses the bed. I love this Hudson Quilt and Cushions set.

I also love this Cox & Cox Westbury Velvet chair in blush. I’d like a feature chair in the corner of the bedroom. To be honest I can’t wait to have a comfy chair to sit on at night to feed W, rather than sitting up in bed. I suffer with a bad back so every time I feed in the night I’m almost always uncomfortable and then struggle to get back to sleep. Not good when you are already hugely sleep deprived.

Downstairs in the lounge I am thinking about new sofa’s. We already have sofa’s. They’re tan leather three seater and two seaters, but for the lounge I’d like new ones, and I’d really like cream ones, preferably on wheels. I don’t want much do I. The leather sofas will go in the living area and I think they’ll work well in there. For now though until I find a pot of gold the cream sofas will just be on my wish list. I am dreaming about this Laura Ashley Chatsworth Cream Sofa. This oozes style, but also looks pretty darn comfortable too.

I have never been a fan of corner sofas but I really like this, and the lounge is a generous space and I think this Orson corner sofa would work really well in there. This same style also comes in a 3 seater and I think I’d opt for both. We have the room and I like the idea of plenty of seating. After having just one sofa and a nursing chair in the caravan, we’ll be spoilt for choice!

And every new sofa set needs an ottomon right?! And I’ve had my eye on this baby from, Branagh Large Ottoman, Anthracite Grey. Would look perfect with a tray, a few styled books and a candle on top, don’t you think?

At the moment, our bedroom and the lounge are a priority for me. Both rooms I imagine we will spend the most time in. We can’t afford to get the kitchen done at the moment, and still haven’t really decided what we want, whether it’s free standing cupboards and a few bespoke cabinets or a complete fitted kitchen. So, until this is completed, the lounge will be the main room where we’ll all ‘hang out’. I did want this room to be just for grown ups, hence why I’m dreaming of cream sofas but for now I’ll just have to enforce some rules!


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