Things I’m loving at the moment

Design Vintage Pale Grey Vintage Cupboard
Loaf Pudding Sofa
The White Company Beaumont Four Poster Bed
Distressed Metal Shelf Unit
Rattan Butlers Tray
Timsbury Velvet Mustard Sofa
New Trapeze Chandelier
Long Ear Hook
Easton Baskets
Chambray Towel
Stamford Single Bed
Design Vintage Pale Grey Vintage Cupboard
Loaf Pudding Sofa
The White Company Beaumont Four Poster Bed
Distressed Metal Shelf Unit
Rattan Butlers Tray
Timsbury Velvet Mustard Sofa
New Trapeze Chandelier
Long Ear Hook
Easton Baskets
Chambray Towel
Stamford Single Bed

Something Pink

I’m not actually a fan of the colour pink. Yes, we have bought a pink house, but that’s not why we chose the cottage.

Without sounding completely cliche and stereotypical, I do feel that being a female all things pink can often come with the territory, and it’s not difficult to find something pink in amongst the rails of girls clothing. You only have to walk around a baby department to see that from the moment we’re born we’re wearing gender specific colours. *I am not going to starting discussing gender neutrality here by the way. But you can’t argue that we still recognise that blue is for boys, pink for girls… but I’ve never fallen for it. I don’t think my mum did really either, when I see pictures of me and my sisters dressed up as little girls we were never really dressed in pink. Perhaps that’s why my staple wardrobe colours now are black, grey and white with the odd daring slash of colour, and I honestly don’t think I own one item of pink clothing in my wardrobe.

But, I’m strangely drawn to a splash of it here and there interior wise. There’s lots of different shades of pink, and I’m talking about ‘blush pink’. There seems to be a lot of it around at the moment too, but I’m not one for trends. Well that’s a bit of a lie, I like to think I’m on trend (doesn’t everyone?!) But I’m one of those cautious buyers that hates to think what I’m buying will be ‘so last season’ in a few weeks time. So I’d say I’m pretty safe with my purchases. Perhaps that’s why my wardrobe is so monochrome.

From the very start of Our Pink Project, the one thing I knew we would do is re-paint the house. Not just because it’s desperate for a lick of paint, but because I don’t want to live in a pink house. There’s nothing wrong with pink houses, but it’s just not me.

I am excited about painting the outside of the house, it currently looks a complete mess (and that’s not because of the enormous static caravan to the side of it). We’ve bricked up windows, added a doorway, tidied up brickwork and all of this has meant there are some pretty ugly bare brick patches, crying out for some paint.

When it’s painted, I think it’ll look a very different house and it won’t be pink. So I wanted to somehow find a way to pay homage to the pink, after all I named this blog after it!

I remember when I first saw this bathroom sink on Instagram by @rvk_loves, I thought  I could recreate this look and it would be a great tribute the house and it’s pink beginnings.

Roses and Rolltops have created a whole blog post on how they create this look and ‘that’ pink sink (see image below). And quite rightly so, look at it! I was going to go for this exact look in the bathroom but instead I chose a blue/grey chest of french drawers and they were too good to paint. But every time I see this image I’m ready to get my paint brush out! And I do wish we’d have had brushed gold taps. Luke wouldn’t let me though, he said they’ll tarnish. Perhaps they would, but they look good don’t they!

Then I started to see Pink arms chairs, like this Margot in old rose by The details on this are perfect, in particular the rose gold feet. This would look good in a large bathroom in the corner. I’m thinking for our main bathroom. A little bit of luxury for mummy to sit on at the end of the day bathing the babies!

And then there’s this bed. Margot king size bed in blush pink velvet, also from I am head over heels. I can actually see myself in it. This would look so good against the wooden floors in our bedroom. Styled with crisp white, linen bed sheets, lots of different sized cushions, including some fur cream ones, and a dash of yellow mustard velvet or grey. Alongside a cream sheepskin rug or cowhide (and we have a lovely big cowhide from our old house) to step into at the side of the bed on the floor, it’s a match made in heaven.


And this Brissi Oxford Ottoman Coffee Table for the lounge. This oozes luxe and I think it’s a pretty timeless piece, plus a very clever way of adding warmth and texture to what will otherwise be quite a neutral room.

I love everything about this piece of furniture from the velvet material to the feet, so it’s not necessarily a static piece of furniture. Not to mention the colour, blush pink.

We have this chaise lounge that we bought from a friend about 5 years ago when she sold her underwear shop. It was upholstered in her brand colours (purple), so quite an unusual colour but it’s quite worn and we didn’t cover it over when storing so we will definitely be re-upholstering it and I have decided we’ll definitely be doing it in velvet blush pink. I want to do it right now, as I’m excited to see it. But there’s lots of other things we need to sort first. It will be done though and I’ll share the finished product once it’s done.


Let’s go for a walk

Since buying the cottage, Luke has been summoned (by me) to work on the renovation. This has meant that most evenings, practically every weekend, including Bank Holidays, I’ve spent parenting on my own. Of which I have learnt to have the upmost respect for single parents! It’s not just me that misses him though, as Arthur is a true daddy’s boy and when daddy is around, I don’t get a look in. He loves to imitate his daddy and say he is building a house, being a builder, complete with his construction hat, hammering everything in sight (luckily in the caravan, so he can hammer away as hard as he likes!) … I won’t be so relaxed when we’re living in the house.

With the amazing weather we’ve just had over the May Bank Holiday, I have to stop myself saying, ‘forget the house Luke, let’s all do something together’, but this weekend, more so than most, has been really important, as the final bit of carpet is finally being laid in the lounge and on the stairs. After having to cancel our first carpet fitting because we all had flu, and our youngest Wilfred was in hospital, the next booking was an admin error at the carpet shop and wasn’t booked in the diary, so we had to wait until their next available slot which wasn’t until May. So you can see why this is a bit of a monumental occasion!

So Luke worked tirelessly all weekend to get the lounge ‘carpet ready.’

I’ve been scrolling through social media all weekend at everyone’s sunny spent days at home or out somewhere fun with family and friends. Whilst I’m feeling like I’m doing a pretty rubbish job at entertaining Arthur, and looking after Wilf, spending the whole time wishing daddy was with us (and that we didn’t live in a caravan, which feels like a microwave in the warm weather).

Saturday I thought I’d brave it on my own and take Arthur somewhere fun, as after locking both children in the car a few months ago and Luke having to come and rescue us (smashing the window in as we didn’t have a spare key). I have pretty much avoided any adventures on my own ever since.

So, I took them both to a local ice cream farm, Churchfields. Obviously Wilf isn’t quite old enough to appreciate or experience ice cream, but mummy can for him! I didn’t rush there as all we do in the week is get up early to take A to pre school so I like to give him a bit of time to play and relax in his pyjamas (and maybe it was a bit for my own benefit too!)

After a bad night with Wilf up several times, I wasn’t on very good form. We arrived at Churchfields, popped Wilf in the pram and couldn’t find the car keys. I ended up emptying the nappy bag, ransacking the car and getting into an unnecessary flap whilst Arthur just kept asking ‘what you doing mummy?’ In the end I picked Wilf back up out the pram thinking maybe he was hiding the keys and he was lay on them… thank goodness!

I had the idyllic idea that Arthur and I would sit down and have a nice lunch together whilst Wilf slept peacefully in the pram, then Arthur could have a play and an ice cream and we’d go home.

This is what actually happened…

We find a table and sit down. Of course Wilf starts crying, no actually, screaming. I picked up a menu and asked Arthur what he’d like for lunch. He doesn’t want anything. He doesn’t even want ice cream. The queue looks enormous. I’d need to order our food, tell them the table number and sit down again. That will involve taking the pram and Arthur with me to queue. Sounds simple, but it never is, is it. Why can’t these places have walkie talkies for lone parents with children? Don’t you think that’d be so much easier?!

I sack off the idea of lunch. Logistically I just don’t know how we’d survive that queue and go back to the table with Arthur who doesn’t even want anything to eat.

There’s a soft play area through the restaurant, past the enormous queue. So I thought I’d try wearing Arthur out. To get the pram through the restaurant area I have to practically lift it to get it over this really inconvenient strategically placed hump in the doorway. Every door at this place seemed to have a hump (I’m sure there’s a technical term for these ‘humps’). They’re basically large inconvenient steps in the doorway that isn’t pram or wheelchair friendly. We walk past a glass cabinet with enormous ice cream sundaes on display (I mean seriously!)… obviously Arthur wants one of those and won’t move until he has one. So we get in the enormous queue.

I managed to avoid a sundae and he had an ice cream cone instead. Wilf wants to be picked up and Arthur also wants a cuddle. A two and a half year old with an ice cream cone on one of the hottest days of year sat on my lap… more of it went on my lap and feet than in his mouth.

We’re ready for soft play after that. I carry the pram over another door hump, which is actually a lot bigger than the previous humps so I do my best ‘I can cope impression’ and lift the pram over the hump. Do you know, not one person offered to help me?! He’s bored after about 10 minutes anyway and wants to see the tractor that we passed on our way in. Clamber over more door humps, and see tractor. He spots a pig in a field in a ‘pedestrians not permitted’ area (basically someone’s private land). Try telling a 2.5 year old it’s someone’s garden…

Look at pig. Suggest leaving. Return to see pig again. Walk away. Return to pig again. Look over at car park and wonder why someone has left their boot open. Realise it’s my car. At least it’ll be cool in the car.

On Sunday, friends were coming over late afternoon as Luke needed some manpower help to hold some oak that we bought to cover the big steel in the lounge. I stayed in with Arthur and Wilf till they came over, but it meant being stuck in the caravan melting as the gardens so overgrown and dangerous with lots of building materials everywhere and a big bonfire, there’s was no way I could police A and keep W out of the sun safely. I was suffering with serious cabin fever by the time our friends arrived, but they came over with both their boys, who are virtually the same ages as our boys. Both our eldest’s are great little buddies so no matter what we do they always have a good time together.

The cottage is in a really great spot, it’s close enough to the town centre, but far enough away to feel semi rural, and the lane we live on is a single track so it’s pretty quiet. There’s a lovely walk to a well known pub that everyone flocks to in the summer called The Camp which is right on the bank of the River Severn. So Luke finished off late afternoon (yey!) and we all took a walk to The Camp with the big boys travelling in style, in our Radio Flyer.

Moments like these that we do get to all spend together as a family make it all worthwhile, and are often better than any day out (particularly days out without daddy!) Often Luke will say he’ll ‘clock off’ a few hours earlier to go for a walk together and go up to the local park and every time I feel so fortunate about where we live. There’s plenty to do with a lot of things in easy access.

Our old house wasn’t in the best area, and not somewhere I’d ever suggest to go for a walk. It’s a lovely area and I can’t wait for the boys to grow up around here, enjoying all this outdoor space.


Are you in the house yet?

Are you in the house yet?

Oh the million dollar question.

They say what goes up must come down, well what goes in a caravan must come out. God I totally made that up. Sorry. All I can say is at least I still have a sense of humour, shame that wasn’t funny though. I’m writing this very late at night! Anyway, what I’m getting at is that we ‘really are’ now starting to get ready to move out the caravan and into the house. True story.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still quite a bit to do. We don’t have a cooker yet, the boiler isn’t actually on as it needs to be wired to the electrics… but hey, it’ll all get done in a week or so I’m sure. So alongside beginning to attempt a declutter in the caravan and think about putting some of the right boxes in the boys bedrooms upstairs. I am also starting to think about what each room in the house will look like. A lot of it is dreaming, with no budget at all in mind, but it’s good to have goals.

Styling and the interiors has been a long time coming. The room design, the position of a cupboard, adding a rug or lamp, all things I’ve been itching to do since we bought the house! Luke’s done the digging, plumbing and all the other stuff. Now it’s my turn. This is the best bit too.

It’s hard to shop for things though when you’re not living in the house. I think you can get a feel for a room a bit better then too. Sometimes I find myself dreaming up a room in my head, furnishing it, then I go and look at the room, and realise I imagined it to be five times bigger than it actually is. Does anyone else do this?

Well I sort of did this with A’s bedroom. I just bought him a gorgeous new big boys bed from the White Company, it’s the Stamford Single bed. The bed looks great, Luke built it today, I’ll share a pic on my Instagram stories so you can see it the room, but I imagined his bedroom to be so much bigger than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hardly small, but where I imagined placing the bed, is not where we’ll be putting the bed. So perhaps I need to invest in a tape measure and start measuring up before I go buying anything else. A top tip there folks!

Meanwhile, I’ll continue furnishing the house in my head. This is the part I have been waiting for, for so long. So, starting with our bedroom, these are a few of the things I have on my wish list.

The Bed. We’ve currently got a double (that’s just about all that would fit in the caravan), but we want a bigger bed. I’ve spent many a night feeding W browsing at beds and looking at Instagram for inspiration. I love the minimal four poster beds, like the Beaumont bed from The White Company. You may have seen it on The frugality’s blog as she has this very bed and it works really well in her home. But, we have pretty low ceilings as it’s a cottage so I’m not sure whether this would work.

Then there’s the french style bed. I absolutely love this style of bed. They won’t ever date, and I think they work in a contemporary or period home. I absolutely love the styles that Feather and Black have at the moment, well worth a google. Plus they have some great discounts on right now. My favourite is the Sienna Grey bed from Feather and Black. I just think it’s a really timeless style, but torn between this type of bed and a much simpler, traditional cast iron bed style that we currently have.

If we opt for a simple, traditional cast iron bed, my favourites are the Julia style and Paris from The Original Bed Co. I am confident these styles will last forever, and I imagine at one point one of the boys could have it when they’re older. We have a cream bed at the moment from Laura Ashley, but this time I think I’d go for black.



And lastly the most important part of any bed, is the bedding! And I wouldn’t choose anywhere else other than the White Company. Although I can’t say I’ve tried any other brands! The White Company washes so well, most of it never needs ironing either (which is an absolute bonus) and it looks like new wash after wash. I also have their bedding for A’s bed. I love their London bus range.

Their throws and cushions are also another of my faves. Great quality and really dresses the bed. I love this Hudson Quilt and Cushions set.

I also love this Cox & Cox Westbury Velvet chair in blush. I’d like a feature chair in the corner of the bedroom. To be honest I can’t wait to have a comfy chair to sit on at night to feed W, rather than sitting up in bed. I suffer with a bad back so every time I feed in the night I’m almost always uncomfortable and then struggle to get back to sleep. Not good when you are already hugely sleep deprived.

Downstairs in the lounge I am thinking about new sofa’s. We already have sofa’s. They’re tan leather three seater and two seaters, but for the lounge I’d like new ones, and I’d really like cream ones, preferably on wheels. I don’t want much do I. The leather sofas will go in the living area and I think they’ll work well in there. For now though until I find a pot of gold the cream sofas will just be on my wish list. I am dreaming about this Laura Ashley Chatsworth Cream Sofa. This oozes style, but also looks pretty darn comfortable too.

I have never been a fan of corner sofas but I really like this, and the lounge is a generous space and I think this Orson corner sofa would work really well in there. This same style also comes in a 3 seater and I think I’d opt for both. We have the room and I like the idea of plenty of seating. After having just one sofa and a nursing chair in the caravan, we’ll be spoilt for choice!

And every new sofa set needs an ottomon right?! And I’ve had my eye on this baby from, Branagh Large Ottoman, Anthracite Grey. Would look perfect with a tray, a few styled books and a candle on top, don’t you think?

At the moment, our bedroom and the lounge are a priority for me. Both rooms I imagine we will spend the most time in. We can’t afford to get the kitchen done at the moment, and still haven’t really decided what we want, whether it’s free standing cupboards and a few bespoke cabinets or a complete fitted kitchen. So, until this is completed, the lounge will be the main room where we’ll all ‘hang out’. I did want this room to be just for grown ups, hence why I’m dreaming of cream sofas but for now I’ll just have to enforce some rules!


When things don’t go to plan

When things don’t go to plan

I always knew this project would be a challenge. In fact I distinctly remember saying to Luke when we first viewed the cottage ‘huge potential, but a lot of money and work involved.’ But it didn’t seem to phase Luke at all. This has always been his dream, to buy a project and do it up. So we did.

I knew he had done lots of projects like this before so he had the experience and he would make it work, and if he didn’t know something he’d find out. He’s a complete perfectionist and very good at what he does so I knew everything would be done properly and he wouldn’t cut any corners. It’s what he does, his trade is plumbing, but he has also completed numerous property renovations for clients. But this time it is a bit different, as it’s his own home and our budget (of which we don’t have much of!)

This project has tested us both to our absolute limits, and as I write this, we are still sat in the caravan with yet more news that we won’t be moving in for ‘at least’ another 3 weeks. I have no idea how I have even lasted this long to be honest… it was only supposed to be for a couple of months!

The caravan has been fun (in a way). I just said that through gritted teeth. The summer is hard as it’s like a sauna, being tin, well you can imagine. In the winter, we have no central heating in the van. The heating comes in the form of blow or oil heaters. And let’s just say the electricity bill could have paid for a new kitchen.

When you buy a house there’s so much excitement. You could say a house is just bricks and mortar, but there’s so much more to a house than that. It’s a place where you make memories. We bought the cottage as a family home, a place where we’d bring up our children, a place that I hope they’d look back on with lots of cherished memories. But, I don’t feel like we have made that family home yet, and so far I feel like we’ve just been in limbo. My favourite saying is ‘when we’re in the house, we can…’

I thought I could finally see the finish line. I thought next week we’d start sorting through some of the boxes we had packed away at the end of 2015, ‘stuff’ that I haven’t seen since, and I could start thinking about where things could go. And one of the things I am most excited about was doing the boys bedrooms and seeing A’s face when he sees his new big boy bed and all of his toys in his bedroom. Toys we have had in storage for way too long.This was A’s bedroom, which is now split into two. Originally to be the office, but now the nursery until we extend and build the fourth bedroom.

But, as I have learn’t so many times during this project, not everything goes to plan, as is the case with a lot of things in life. But some of the things that have happened during this project, well you couldn’t make it up. Honestly! Each time though we have dusted ourselves off (excuse the pun) and carried on.

I really surprised myself today. We thought the lounge and stair runner were being fitted next week, allowing us to start getting everything ready to move in, but found out after re-booking the fitting, (because we were all struck down with flu and our youngest W was admitted to hospital), that there was an error with the re-booking and we hadn’t actually been re-booked at all. True story. Unfortunately. So the carpets aren’t being fitted next week.

Whilst being told this, I thought I might cry, but I didn’t. There’s some things that you just can’t help can you? Some things that no matter what you just can’t change. And after all it’s just a carpet. I mean I’m not saying I’m happy that we are going to be living in this caravan for at least another three weeks, but what can I do about it?

During Easter, we were all so poorly with flu which put the project back once again, and W was admitted to hospital for 4 days. All is ok now, he’s fully recovered but it makes you think and reassess. Our situation right now is far from ideal, living in a caravan with a toddler and a baby, but we do have an incredible family home that one day, very soon, we’ll all be enjoying together. And all the blood sweat and tears will have been worth it.

This is the thing with home renovations, I’ve heard it from lots of other people who have done or are doing exactly the same as us. You can’t and don’t plan for these unforeseeable problems, but they are inevitable. Nothing can prepare you for some of the things that happen. I have gone through all sorts of emotions with this project, but most recently its been frustration and disappointment.

There’s a slight sense of urgency to be in the house as soon as we can though, as A, our eldest is still sleeping in his cot, and I am keen for him to be in his new big boys bed that we’ve bought for him. I am preparing for a few sleepless nights to begin with, as we are so used to him being unable to get out of his cot if he wakes in the night or in the early hours.

Then there’s our youngest. At the moment he is in with us in his Moba basket, which very soon he will have grown out of (why do they grow so quickly!) The caravan is only a two bedroom anyway, and there isn’t enough room for him to sleep with A, which I wouldn’t want for either of them anyway, as they’d probably keep each other awake or wake each other up. A likes to play with toys in his bed and read books before bedtime, and W is at the age when its all very quiet, dark and relaxing for bedtime, which at the moment works for us, so I wouldn’t want to mess that up.

Everyone keeps telling me they won’t remember any of this and to stop worrying, but as their mummy I can’t help it. I want them both to have their little bedrooms and all their toys. There’s so much stuff in storage.

I’m also desperate to just start buying things like tea towels, throws and rugs for the house. I’ve bought a few things for the boys bedrooms but haven’t actually unpacked any of it yet so just going to wait to unpack it all and see what there is.

I just hope that there aren’t anymore unexpected glitches ahead, and we can all move in to our new family home and start making memories.


Why I’ve decided to do this blog

Why I’ve decided to do this blog

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to find the time to keep up this blog but I really wanted to keep a record of our journey doing up the cottage. Why? Because alongside having my babies, it’s the next biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life. This is going to be our first family home, so it will be a pretty special place for all of us. It will also be good to look back, see where we started and all of the work we’ve done. I also think there’s something very therapeutic about penning (rather typing!) your thoughts down.

This entire experience will be an emotional rollercoaster, and I can imagine stress will be one of the main emotions, but I thought having somewhere to put down all my thoughts might help to clear my mind or rationalise some of those negative feelings and times, I am sure we will end up going through.

I also hope to build up a bit of an online community through this blog, helping anyone else who might be thinking of taking on a similar project, going through a renovation or completed one. I hope it will be a useful and interesting resource for others and me too!

Luke, my husband, has always said he wanted to buy a property and do it up, but it’s not something I’ve ever really been keen to undertake. Having watched all of these renovation programmes where something always goes wrong and they nearly always go over budget it’s put me off a little, but there’s no turning back now.

We had been looking to move from our first home for a long time, but had just never made the leap as we had started our search off looking at properties we couldn’t afford so ended up setting our standards a bit high! Every property we could afford was either too small, wrong location or just not our style. I know you have to compromise, but even when we thought we’d compromise on a smaller garden or bedroom, the house still wasn’t what we both wanted.

Luke had bought our first home just before I had met him, so it was pretty much a man pad. I didn’t like anything in it to be honest. Poor Luke! But I was keen to put my stamp on it, so I did. Obviously. We started with the bathroom. Then converted the kitchen to a second bedroom and the garage to a kitchen. It took us a long time to do, partly because we were too busy having a good time, going on holiday and spending our money on lots of things we didn’t need. But when we finally got round to doing things, I started to actually like our home. We chose a lot of things with the fact we were going to sell the house imminently, so we didn’t have a big budget, but what we did, I think, looked and worked really well. It was a relatively new build, contemporary property, which I think are often easier to ‘do up’.

I was much happier once the old house was completed. It never really felt like ‘ours’ as we didn’t buy it together. But doing it up the way I wanted it, made it feel much more comfortable, and adding the second bedroom made a real difference, as not long after, A came along!

Once the house was completed. We put it up for sale and it sold a lot quicker than we thought. But we just went with it and ‘thought’ we’d find something else pretty quickly. Oh how naive we were!

We went to our first auction together during our search, this was for an 8 bed student property we’d renovate and convert to a family home. Looking back I’m so thankful we didn’t get this property! Luke ended up bidding way more than we said we would (I think he got a bit carried away waving his card in the air) but luckily it ended up going way over our budget and beyond. We took A along with us and he was only a few months old, so it was also a bit stressful keeping him entertained at an auction with lots of waiting around.

We offered on several properties, all of which ended up having something wrong with them. One was in the same village the cottage is in now. Luke wasn’t 100% about it from the start but I think we were both just desperate to find something at this point as we had moved in with my parents. Something we thought would just be for a few months, with our first son who was around 2 months old in tow. But we ended up still living at my parents 7 months later! It wasn’t a good time, our own space was really my old bedroom and living with my parents again after fleeing the nest many years ago wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. I get on with my parents, we’re very close. When I didn’t live there I saw them everyday as I keep my horses and pig at theirs, but when you get older I think you change, develop your own habits and opinions on things which can get on your nerves when you’re living together. So rather than divorce them, we started renting.

This was an expensive exercise. We were paying rent alongside our mortgage for the cottage, plus all the renovation costs. Not sensible! But living in the rental property gave us the space I’d been missing at my parents (which isn’t a small house) but we had nowhere really for our own things, and just being able to do our own thing and watch what we wanted on tv was just what the dr ordered. I love my parents, but like I said before, it’s not the same living at home once you’ve left, particularly when you have a baby!

The house we’d offered on in the same village as the cottage was cute (in the sense that it was pretty small) it was also a cottage but didn’t have a huge amount of potential and we would be buying it on the basis it would need extending in order for it to work for us.

It was on the main road too with parking but not to Luke’s standards. He’s always had a thing about parking. He seems to think every house should be able to facilitate a double decker bus and 3 vans! So you can imagine how difficult this made our search!

Anyway, this other house in the same village, well it wasn’t meant to be. Turns out the mortgage company wouldn’t lend on it due to all of its problems, including insect infected beams! But, just like a twist of fate this cottage (which we had previously offered on but got turned down), the estate agent phoned to say the previous buyer had fallen through, and would we still be interested.

And the rest is history!

We bought the cottage knowing it would need some serious renovation work, and we knew we didn’t actually have a budget to do it. I can hear you asking how we plan to complete the project and if we’ll manage to afford all of the works, well, we plan to pretty much pay for things as we go along. I don’t want us to cut corners or do anything we’ll later regret so we plan to make the house liveable to move in and then we will finish the non essential works once we’re in. I know this isn’t ideal as it’ll also take us a lot longer and if we come across problems, which with an old property is almost inevitable, we might then end up being stuck in the middle of one project and having to divert our focus of being unable to afford something that really needs doing, but I’m confident we’ll be ok. We don’t really have much choice.

We’ve tried to put by some reserves for any thing that we haven’t planned for by selling some of our valuables. My husband has sold his chopper. This was something he found particularly difficult! I wouldn’t ever tell him this, but it was pretty cool and I know he loved it. But needs must.

I have also just sold my dressage saddle, again a difficult thing to do as this was the saddle I bought for my horse, Valou (Looby), she is an incredible horse, and was also a wedding present, (yes very extravagant), so she really does mean the world to me, but unfortunately she was diagnosed with kissing spines a few years ago. It’s a severe case, so not treatable. I therefore decided to retire her early and she now lives out her days in the field. Meaning her saddle is no use to me anymore, so I thought it would help go towards something in the house. I hope to get another horse I can ride again soon, but this horse would need a whole new wardrobe and new tack anyway.

So, here we are at the start of, what looks like a pretty mammoth project. I suppose with gritted teeth we could move in as it is, but there are a few things that we must do such as rewriting the whole house (not a small job), and re-plumb. A new boiler, oh and the chimney fell down too. So, we’d better get started.

I look forward to sharing our journey with you. The good and the bad.


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