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How healthy am I?

How healthy am I?

It’s a funny time for us all at the moment. None of us saw anything like this coming. In one way or another, Covid-19 has affected us all. We’ve all completely changed the way we live our lives, either working from home, unable you work, children off school, rethinking how we can stay active and stay safe, popping out to the shops is suddenly only a necessity, and we are all unable too see family and friends. Many of us suddenly realising how important our health and wellbeing is, as we are faced with the possibility of a potentially ‘deadly’ virus, Covid-19. I for one, have been giving my whole families health lots of thought during this time and want to make sure I am doing everything I possibly can to ensure we are looking after ourselves properly.

You may have seen on my Instagram stories that I recently took a test with Thriva to find out how my health stacked up. I chose to take this test before Covid-19 (also known as the coronavirus), but it seems so timely right now, more than ever. You can pick and choose what they test and can also look into some areas in more detail such as hormones or thyroid.

I was quite shocked by my results. They showed that I was vitamin D deficient (a lot of us are due to lack of sunshine in this country), but I eat a lot of eggs and my reading was quite low. I also had low vitamin B12 levels which can have a range of side effects, mainly making you feel tired, weak, alongside feeling depressed. I also had high cholesterol which horrified me! But having had some time to digest the results in more detail, I realised I’d just forgotten how to look after myself. Also armed with this information I could actually ‘do something’ about it. With moving house(s), living in a caravan (where cooking meals from scratch was almost impossible), then moving into the house with a makeshift kitchen and no oven… well, you can imagine the types of meals we were all eating. Nutrition had just been pushed to the back of the ‘to do’ list.

Rewind 4-5 years ago and that ‘me’ would have been absolutely horrified at my diet. I was really interested in nutrition and pretty much cut out processed foods altogether. I learnt so much about different foods and the difference they can make. I also went to see a nutritionist who taught me a lot. But a renovation, and Arthur and Wilf later, I seemed to just forget all of that knowledge and slowly bad habits creeped back in and I’m ashamed to admit I’d let them into my Children’s diets too.

Typical breakfast now – Omelette cooked in coconut oil and a handful of berries.

I think I’ve become a bit ‘stuck’ as to what to give the boys at meal times (more so Arthur) as he is so fussy, so they’re probably not having the variety I’d like them to have and I end up cooking the same thing over and over again. But the better I’ve got with my own eating and meals again, the more adventurous I’m becoming with theirs. Time is a huge factor for me though but that’s all we have at the moment – lots and lots of extra time! I’m also investing in a blackboard to start planning meals. Is that a sign of old age?!

Arthur will eat something if he likes it, but he doesn’t sit still at the table for long and plays with his food.

Overall, the boys diets aren’t that bad. Just not where I’d like them to be. So far I’ve avoided introducing McDonalds to the boys, and hope to for as long as possible, and when they’re old enough they can choose to go there if they want. I don’t want to stop them doing something so they rebel and just want it more, but you won’t miss something you have never had. We never had it as children and I can’t even remember the last time I had one. They really don’t interest me and if I wanted a burger, I’d much rather cook one at home.

Chips are almost always homemade in our house and I’ve only recently introduced these, and they don’t have any fizzy drinks. In fact we don’t have any fizzy drinks in the house. I never did when I was younger and because of that I seem to have no interest in them. But I do have a terrible sweet tooth and love sweets! And that’s where one of my problems lie.

I don’t want to be too hard on myself though. As a family, we have had quite a lot going on, for me children have made a huge change to my life, more so since Wilf. I don’t have the time for myself I used to. Then with renovating the house we’ve got very little ‘spare’ time as any time we do have is spent doing house things. I had a car accident when I was pregnant with Wilf (which knocked me about a bit and I struggled to exercise). I had an existing back injury but this really exacerbated it. And exercise for me is my thing. If I don’t exercise I see everything differently, and not in a good way. Then my mom dying, alongside lots of the other things that happen in life. And sometimes things do take a bit of a back step. And unfortunately that was health and nutrition. But I’m still here, and I’m taking control again.

So this blood test with Thriva was just the kick up the butt that I needed! It also offers something you can’t get by necessarily just looking at yourself in the mirror or the scales. I know you can tell a lot by your skin, hair and nails etc but this gives you an insight into what’s really going on inside your body. A lot of which you may otherwise never know.

I had a complete overhaul of all the fridge and cupboards and I am pretty much just eating fish (alongside the odd bit of chicken). I am also taking the recommended supplements that my diet was lacking. I’ll share more about these later as would like to give them a fair trial and see if they make a difference. A lot may be in my head, but I am starting to feel different. One big difference is energy and no headaches.

One thing that I have kept consistent is exercising, but alongside the better eating I’m starting to feel a lot better about myself and pushing myself a bit harder. I’m not making as many excuses. I’m nowhere near where I want to be yet but I know it doesn’t happen over night (unfortunately!) But they say it takes two weeks to make a habit and I feel like I’ve found my old self again and got back into those good habits.

I also want to really try keep introducing lots of new foods to the boys diets. Arthur is sooooo fussy, and his staple diet is around four items and I worry about it daily! He plays with his food and just doesn’t seem to enjoy it. But I’ve been making a real conscious effort to re-educate myself and refresh some of the things I already knew but perhaps not doing in terms of my own eating and theirs too. I’ve also bought a few books which I’m finding really useful for advice and recipe ideas for all of us.

I tell the boys how important it is for us to look after our bodies and I talk about different foods and what they do for our bodies, as I think it’s important that they know. We get one body and we can’t send it back if it goes wrong, so I’m going to make sure I look after mine and my families.

I will be taking another test with Thriva soon and I will let you know how I get on.

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